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04.07.2014 The short film «Minuet» is now finished – I have created a page for it on this site with a trailer and some information. Now I will start submitting it to film festivals around the world and first up is Sundance. Visit the Film site.

subConch exhibition.

30.01.2014 Explore your cyborg-telekinetic abilities at Atleier Nord's ANX from the 30th of January to the 16th of February. Read more about the project here.

NBK support.

14.11.2013 The subConch was supported by «Billedkunstnernes Vederlagsfond» today – which is great news, especially since the Arts Council did not prioritize the subConch for funding this time around. Now I should have enough to put together a decent exhibit at ANX next year.

It's a wrap.

16.09.2013 We finally shot my short film Minuet a couple of weeks ago. Now, we're well into the editing and things look great! Quite some work remains on the visual effects though. I hope I'm as good as I think I am...

subConch to show at ANX.

16.05.2013 Today I received confirmation on the agreement to exhibit the subConch at ANX next year. The installation is mostly complete, but I will have to apply for some extra funding to make it all come together.

Uniframe to produce my short film.

22.01.2013 Sebastian Santana at Uniframe has agreed to produce my upcoming short film. His focus will be on getting sufficient funding as well as organising the shoot for this summer. Key team members include Tor-Eigil Scheide on photography, Steinar Kaarstein on props as Anderz Eide as the male lead.

Just King to be self-published.

01.02.2012 Thanks to the financial aid of family, friends and aquaintances, my online crowd-fundraiser/presale was a success! I now have the sufficient funds to finally print and publish this 10 year old «mastodon» on my own label, Aktuba Books.

OSLX goes to Cape Town.

20.12.2011 «The Oslo Experiment» has been invited to On the Edge of Wrong – a music and arts festival in Cape Town! We'll have shows at the end of February next year.

Short film.

15.04.2011 Great news today! I received funding from Fond for Lyd og Bilde to make a short film. Continuing my work on man and technology it seeks to explore the impact on the environment as well as our daily life and sense of self. Production is scheduled for 2012.


09.04.2011 Dancer and choreographer Magnhild Fossum and I have been invited to HIFA, an international arts festival in Harare, Zimbabwe. Together with musician Leon Muraglia we have developed a short solo performance about man and technology called «Me-Me». Magnhild is rigged with a variety of sensors that generate and manipulate audio sources, which are her only means of expression. The play seeks to explore the balance between empowerment and entrapment of cyborg existence.


11.06.2010 «The subConch» will be featured in a series on brain control interfaces on Discovery Networks' «Planet Green» later this year. [Edit: the footage with the subConch was not included in the final edit of the show].


11.03.2010 «The problem with Mats Sivertsen's photographs, currently on view at Gallery Four, isn't readily apparent on first viewing. Well, perhaps «problem» isn't the appropriate word here. «Distressing» might be a more appropriate descriptor, but it's an unseemliness that sneaks up on you from behind like a consummately professional mugger in the night: Before you even realized you've been marked, you feel a calm breath on the back of the neck and a sharp blade pressed against the throat.» Read the whole review here.

Terms of Use.

21.01.2010 I will be part of a group a show in Baltimore in February showing pieces from the «myBorg» series. It's all happening at GalleryFour, opening on Feb 15th. The show is called «Terms of Use».

Guthman Musical Instrument Competition.

12.12.2009 I received word today that my «subConch» piece was admitted into the Georgia Tech Guthman Musical Instrument Competition. I will travel to Atlanta in late February to demonstrate the piece.

LICC 08/09.

08.09.2009 I just came back from London having attended the LICC award ceremony and been handed my trophy. The ceremony was hosted by Iranian-born British comedian Shappi Khorsandi. A £2000 cash prize and the title «artist-of-the-year» was awarded to Tiffany Trenda for her performance «A Condemned Opera».

Reading the mind!

01.07.2009 I have received funding from the Arts Council to research the use of consumer-end EEG-technology for use in two specific interactive installations. The projects will commence this fall.

A Cyborg Manifested.

15.10.2008 For the next 14 days my photo series «myBorg: a cyborg manifested» will be exhibited at Sound of MU in Oslo.

LICC postponed.

01.05.2008 Due to funding issues the LICC is post-poned until next summer. The book is out and can be ordered from their web site. There will be no exhibit, only an award ceremony.

Winner in the LICC.

03.01.2008 Today it was announced that I am one of the 15 winners in the LICC (London International Contemporary Competition). The short list was of 63 artists, picked from over 5000 contributers from all over the world. The winners will have an exhibit in London in the fall of 2008 where one of us will recieve a £2000 cash award and be named «artist-of-the-year». Our work will also be printed in a book for the show. See all the finalists here.

Jan 30th – Feb 16th, 2014. «subConch». Atelier Nord ANX, Grünerløkka, Oslo.

subConch. 2013
myBorg: A Cyborg Manifested. 2007-2008
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