Minuet a short film by Mats J. Sivertsen

Eve and Sebastian live alone in the forest, far away from modern civilisation. One day Eve finds a strange metal object in the garden and brings it into the house. Sebastian is skeptical and soon this new element upsets the tender balance of their relationship.
Produced by Uniframe, Aktuba Ink and Effektmakeren.
Supported by the Norwegian Arts Council.


Sat 25 June 2016
– We have distribution! Tomorrow Minuet will premiere at AftenpostenTV. There it will be available for a year. See the film here!

Web 8 June 2016
– Minuet will be screened at Grønnskjerm tonight! The event is at Parkteateret in Oslo. There will be a short interview with the directors after the screening.

Tue 1 March 2016
– After having subitted to over 30 film festivals world wide we're now giving up having it screened at a festival.

Tue 26 November 2014
– We have now submitted to many of the major festivals: Sundance, Ann Arbor, SxSW, the Berlinale, Clermont, Aspen, Cinequest, Tribeca and Krakow! Keeping our fingers crossed.

Thu 6 November 2014
– Last night the film had a small invite-only premiere at Kunstnernes Hus! Loads of praise, champagne and music entailed.

Sun 13 July 2014
– The film is now finished. Soon we're submitting to the Sundance Film Festival!


None yet...


The Cast

Anderz Eide has appeared in several TV-series, features and shorts in Norway. Notable work includes the TV-series "Schmokk" (2011) and the award winning short "Forfall" (2002).

Kristine Rui Slettebakken has worked extensively on stage – notably with the Oslo International Theatre. She has also appeared in shorts, features and TV-series – including a small role in Steven Van Zandt's Lilyhammer.

The Director

Mats J. Sivertsen is a visual artist who lives and works in Oslo, Norway. Minuet thematically follows his previous work, like the photo-series "myBorg: a cyborg manifested", the interactive installation "subConch" and the performance "The Oslo Experiment".

The Producer

Sebastian Santana is a movie producer based in Oslo. He has previously produced the short film Into my darkened home (2012) – which was shown at the Short Film Corner at the 2013 Cannes Film Festival – as well as documentaries and shorts.

The Effects Maker

Steinar Kaarstein is a special effects supervisor and film producer based in Tønsberg, Norway. He has previously written and produced the short film A(r)men (2013) and made special effects for feature films such as Dead Snow (2009), Red vs. Dead – Dead Snow 2 (2014), and The Troll Hunter (2010).

The Cinematographer

Tor Eigil Scheide has shot numerous Norwegian short films and music videos, as well as television dramas like "Hvaler" and "Meglerne".

The Musician

Leon Muraglia made the eerie soundscapes for the film. He has previously worked heavily with music for theatre productions and is the front-man of the kraut-rock band Radio 9, who now has a new EP out.

The Sound Artists

Eric Leonardson and Steve Barsotti are Chicago based composers and sound artists who make beautiful, resonant pieces on their self-built instruments. The film features parts of their 2008 release Rarebit.


Running Time: 17 minutes (00:16:45)
Format: DCP
Aspect Ratio: 2.35 (SCOPE)
Sound: 5.1 Surround
Country of Production: Norway
Date of Completion: October 2014
Language: Norwegian (English subtitles)


Starring Anderz Eide and Kristine Rui Slettebakken

Music by Leon Muraglia
Edited by Kolbjørn Voll Hjelmerud
Cinematography by Tor Eigil Scheide
Co-produced by Mats J. Sivertsen and Steinar Kaarstein
Produced by Sebastian Santana
Written and directed by Mats J. Sivertsen

Production Manager – Carl-Magnus Fossum
Camera Assistant – Kristian Andrè Myklevold
Steadycam – Stian Olberg
Sound – Ragnhild Nelvik Bruseth
Make-up – Hanna Lara Olafsdottir
Special Effects – Steinar Kaarstein
Prop makers – Steinar Kaarstein, Magnus Kjellsen Hjeldnes, Olav Kaarstein, Shino Kotani, Adam Anthony Losurdo
Props – Reinert Kiil
Production Assistants – Ida Marie Halvorsen, Martin Bergum, Dag Trønningsdal
Visual Effects – Aktuba Ink
Grading – Håvard Småvik at Go Electra
Audio Mix – Alexander Bellizia, Leon Muraglia


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